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Terms & Conditions

1. Payment of Booking Fees

1.1 The Deposit payment is due within 3 working days of the issue of the booking form (unless agreed otherwise). It is to be paid to via Credit Card / Debit Card (upon receiving the invoice). The Balance (remaining fee owed) is due anytime before the day of the event in the form of bank transfer (BACS) of cleared funds prior to the commencement of our performance.

1.2 The Client must pay the remaining Artist Fee within the specified time. If the Client fails to do so the Artist has the right to terminate the Contract without penalty. The Client would still be subject to the cancelation fee. The Artist has the right to claim interest of 5% on to the balance of any late payments.

2. Travel Expenses:

2.1 For events taking place outside of London there will be a travel cost included unless quoted otherwise, the Client is responsible for all additional travel fees such as parking and road tools.

2.2 For events taking place abroad, the client will be responsible for all associated costs, including flights, hotels and cab fairs.

3. The use of Dep, Deputy or Alternative Performers

3.1 We always try our best to use the standard band as represented in all promotional material, unless the need arises to use an alternative performer due to unforeseen circumstances. In this instance the Artist will have suitable Dep, Deputy or Alternative Performers available to cover all parties within the act. These performers should have equal ability and competence, and represent the Artist in the same style as displayed in all promotional material. The Artist holds the right to use one or more Alternative Performers.

4. What happens if a customer cancels my booking?

4.1 UltraBeat is fully committed to fair pay for musicians. Our cancellation policy aims to ensure fair recompense in the event of a customer cancelling a booking, which reflects the time involved in organising the booking and the decreasing probability of being able to find alternative work at short notice.

If the client cancels the event for any reason the following cancelation fees apply:

Cancellation Timescale

Cancellation Fee

More than 365 days before the event

No Fee

More than 90 days before the event

60% of full fee

More than 60 days before the event

80% of full fee

60 days or less before the event

Full fee